w3browse is a text-based web-browser used for displaying various types of hypertext documents and provides capabilities to improve accessibility and evaluation of them. Support for reading, composing and managing e-mails is also provided, as well as the possibility to create, maintain and search off-line caches. Many further features are offered by internal applications.

The user interface of w3browse is based on a text window manager that operates either on a tty or within a native GUI window of the system. It can be controlled completely by a keyboard or by a pointer device, but a keyboard may be required for input of text.

w3browse has been designed to be mostly platform independent and is therefore able to run on a wide variety of systems including UNIX/Linux and MS-Windows.

About this Document

This document aims to describe the application rather detailed in order to enable users to make full use of the software. Because the browser offers some uncommon features and parts of the user interface may appear not to be very intuitive at first sight, lack of documentation would be even more harmful than helpful. Consequently, the whole documentation has been incorporated into w3browse and represents its built-in help system. Context-sensitive entry points are provided for almost everything and many cross-references have been made to information that may be relevant in a certain context.


Further sections that contain introductory information about w3browse:

The rest of the document is divided into several chapters that describe different aspects of w3browse:

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